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KERA 16-3 -- Pyeongtaek -- April 30th

Welcome Survivors!
This is the third tournament for KERA 2016

Date: Saturday, 30th of April
Time: 1:30pm
**Times subject to change

Venue: Anjung Leports Stadium
산92-5 Hakhyeon-ri, Anjung-eup, Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Match Schedule:
1) 13:30 -- S&S v. Survivors
2) 14:00 -- Daejeon v. Jeonam (Non-league game)
3) 14:30 -- Ulsan v. S&S
4) 15:00 -- Barbs v. Jeonam
5) 15:30 -- Survivors v. Daejeon
6) 16:00 -- Ulsan v. Barbs (Non-league game)
7) 16:30 -- North v. South (15s)

Transport: We'll be chartering a bus to go down. The bus will depart from Itaewon at 11:00am. Players will meet at the McDonalds in Itaewon at 10:30am. Don't be late!

-15,000KRW for the bus
-10,000KRW for tournament fee
-TOTAL COST: 25,000W